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Published Oct 03, 2019


Apartment hotels have changed a lot since I first stayed in one during a trip to Canberra in my days spent working the corporate sector.

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Published Sep 30, 2019

Time Out Skye Suites Sydney

Smart in more ways than one, this luxury apart-hotel combines tech and comfort in perfect sync

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Published Sep 26, 2019

Client Skye Suites Sydney With Best Tech Hotel Award Win

McLaren Technologies partnered with SKYE Suites Sydney to supply and install award winning technology offering for guests and staff

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Published Aug 16, 2019

Insta Worthy Places Visit Sydney

Skye Suites Sydney, CBD
With its eye-catching brickwork and two glass and steel towers soaring dramatically into the skyline, it’s hard not to be impressed by the newly launched Skye Suites Sydney.

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Published Apr 03, 2019

Parramatta Rising: SKYE Hotel Suites

Contemporary quality is the best way to describe this 5 star urban oasis, situated just a stone’s throw from the World Heritage listed Parramatta Park with its 85 hectares of grasslands, mature trees, gardens and river frontage.

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